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Product Specification

We find our customers come from many different industries. Some of our customers are manufacturers,
others are fabricators or builders. We also have individuals who drop in with many unusual requests.
The point we are trying to make is that we get asked to coat a large variety of items
and in many cases the product requirements are significantly different. More


The role of most powder coating finishes is usually two-fold,
firstly to provide surface protection and secondly, a decorative finish.
However, the adhesion of powder coating to an unprepared surface is highly suspect.
Dirt, grease, oil, metal oxides, rust, mill scale, old …. More

Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting is widely used in the preparation of surface contaminated metals prior to their
protection by a conversion or powder coating. During the cleaning process particles are projected at high velocity
onto the substrate and the resulting kinetic energy impact abrades the contaminating
scale, corrosion and/or particulate dirt… More

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is used to remove oil or grease contaminants. There are five types of chemical cleaning available in the industry,
organic solvent cleaning, vapour degreasing, emulsifiable solvent cleaning, alkaline chemical cleaning
and acid chemical cleaning. Each has its merits and constraints. We use acid cleaning methods. … More

Conversion Coatings

Conversion coatings are used for increased long-term corrosion resistance of the powder coating system.
This system provides a significant benefit to articles that are exposed to external environmental or high humidity conditions
e.g. architectural components. The chemical conversion process involves the controlled modification of the surface … More

Powder Coating

Our coating and curing processes involves the application of powder by
electrostatic corona discharge followed by the curing of the powder coated components in a gas-fired oven
with the equivalent of a ‘10 minutes at 180 C’ curing schedule. The corona discharge process applies an
electrostatic charge to the powder particles as they emerge from the coating gun. … More