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Powder Coating

Our coating and curing processes involve the application of powder by electrostatic corona discharge spraying followed by the curing of the powder coated components in a gas-fired oven with the equivalent of 10 minutes at 180° C curing schedule.

The corona discharge process applies an electrostatic charge to the powder particles as they emerge from the coating gun. By earthing the component to be coated, the charged particles are attracted to the work piece and also provide a relatively even coating over the total product.

After inspection to ensure full component coverage the product is now ready to be heated in our ovens to cure the coating and provide an integral finish.

We use the term ‘equivalent’ curing schedule carefully, as different components have different material mass and thus different heat up rates. Without quantifying this heat- up rate the component will not be fully cured and will result in an inferior coating. To control this, our ovens are regularly checked and balanced and we also carefully equate the thermal mass of each component to ensure the correct curing schedule for your product.

At Ridgewood Powder Coating, we have a 9.25 metre long oven and thus we can easily accommodate the standard 6.5 metre length extrusion components. However, we also have access to far larger ovens, such that large componentry are not a problem to us.

Rapidcoat Service

There may be times when you need your work to be coated urgently. Short leadtimes from your client, unexpected on-site changes to your component, resulting in the need for urgent recoats, forgotten or missed deadline orders, they all happen and – we can help.

Our ‘Rapidcoat’ 24hr service is designed specifically for those urgent order occasions.